Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why Surrendering Is Better Than Card Counting

online blackjack
Blackjack surrender proves that sometimes, surrendering is the best winning strategy. In this game, you don’t need to show how good you are, you don’t have to master card counting, you just have to throw in the white towel to get the upper hand.

Contrary to popular opinion, this game neither change nor modified the rules of blackjack. Instead, it provides a better option. Yes, indeed, it is true; players are allowed to give up their hand if they are not confident with their current cards. But not only that, they are getting half of their bets when they surrender.

Normally in blackjack, once the cards are dealt, the player is no longer allowed to withdraw their hands. But, as mentioned, this is possible in this particular blackjack format.

The result of such (game modification) is indispensable. Now, you can play longer. Since half of your bets are returned, you’re able to save your bankroll. But most importantly, this game enables you to place more bets, which, in return, increases your winning possibilities.

It is a clich√© to say that blackjack can be beaten legally. But as what card counting and now blackjack surrender have shown, indeed, you can steal the edge and easily beat the house in this game. 


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