Friday, January 30, 2015

Japanese Solo Mahjong Pro: The Far Eastern way to grow your bankroll

Like other variants of single-player online Mahjong, this game generally seeks to find a winning hand through random selection of symbols from a wall composed of 24 face-down tiles. Following the Japanese (also known as Tenwa) rule, this online game allows you to discard one of your face-up tiles as well as change your mind about it if you though it was not a good decision. However, this is only possible if you have not yet chosen a tile from anywhere in the wall.

To begin, you must choose a maximum of three tiles from the wall and aim to complete the round with a winning hand. You only need one lucky symbol to arrive with a positive result as your hand is just one tile away from being completed. Prior to doing it, however, you will be required to change one of your face-up tiles. This allows you to increase your chances at making an agreeable hand. You can change your mind anytime as long as it is before you have picked a tile from the wall. The round automatically stops once you already met the three-attempt limit or when you already selected a lucky tile.

With a gameplay as simple as 1-2-3, Japanese Solo Mahjong Pro is ideal for almost every type of player. Its international appeal also means that it can be loved by people from around the world who see Asian games as a creative and innovative way to spend time on and won prizes from.

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