Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Into the future: Unique promo and bonus ideas for online casinos

Free spins, loyalty bonuses, extra multipliers… and the endless list of casino promotions continues. These perks have been the principal enticements of almost all gaming companies in the whole virtual world for the past few decades and while they are definitely very attractive and can provide players an excellent bankroll experience, they sometimes still cannot fully satisfy the punters’ needs. Especially in today’s market where competition is very stiff, it will help tremendously to offer customers more novel promo and bonus features. Here are a few unique rewards that online casinos might offer in the near future:

‘Diversity’ reward. This bonus is offered to players who have already played ina specific number of games within a particular duration of time. This means that the more they engage in a diverse set of games within a specific time frame, the better their chance of earning a certain amount of bonus.

‘Lucky Minute’ bonus. At least once a day, online casinos will offer one full minute (scheduled randomly) of free games to players. Such as in slots, they can obtain as many free spins as they want for as long as they are played within the ‘lucky minute’ that the online casino has set. Within this period, they don’t need to wager on their games but are eligible to earn real money if they win.

‘Royalty’ bonus. During card games, players are rewarded with a ‘special amount’ if the very first (or very last) card they receive in a given session is any of the three picture cards: King, Queen, and Jack. Hence, even if they lose their first (or last) game in the session but were able to receive a picture card, they will not go completely empty-handed. Their pay will double in case they win against the dealer.

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