Monday, July 1, 2013

Roll The Dice And Multiply Your Wins By 30!

The only thing that Rollercoaster Dice requires from its players is to guess if the next number drawn shall have a higher or lower value. Indeed, this casino game is all about making guesses and trusting your instincts. Without using complicated strategies, a player can win prizes, which are thirty (30) times bigger than his or her original bet.

Playing Rollercoaster Dice
The game uses two (2) dice to determine the base number. Once it is established, that is the time when players will be asked to identify if the next number has a higher or lower value.

For every correct guess that you make, you will advance from one block to another until you finish the eleven (11) levels. The farther you go, the bigger is the prize that you get. However, you have the option to quit and collect your prize. Normally, this is a preferred approach since the game ends in one wrong move.

Rollercoaster Dice also highlights a bonus feature. Whenever a dice throw resulted to two (2) sevens in a row, you will immediately advance to the next level regardless of whether you made a wrong or correct guess.

Simple cheat sheet
There is a simple way to increase your winning possibilities in Rollercoaster Dice. If the dice show a five (5) or a much lower value, pick the “higher” option. On the other hand, whenever you see a seven (7) or a higher number, the “lower” option is your best bet.

Get ready to roll the dice and win big in Rollercoaster Dice today.

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