Wednesday, August 7, 2013

12BET Casino’s MYR 30,000 Winner Could Have Won More With The Gamble Feature

The so-called “gamble feature” found in casino games like slots, might sound like another irrelevant add-on. However, did you know that you can get a bigger prize when you use this one?

Gamble feature in focus
The gamble feature is not exclusive to slots. This can be also seen in video poker games such as Jacks or Better.

Through this, it gives the player an opportunity to double their winnings. Usually, they are asked to predict which of the two cards (red or black) will show up on the screen. Indeed, this is one of the easiest ways to raise a huge bankroll. However, many are hesitant to use this feature. While it is true that it doubles your winnings, it also takes the half of it should you fail to choose the correct card.

How to maximize it
There is a way to maximize the gamble feature. This is to determine if the game per se, permits you to cash out half of your winnings before diving into another fun challenge.

In this manner, you can easily secure half of your hard-earned prizes. You do not need to put everything in one basket and regret afterwards. That will be too disappointing.

Via wagering half of your winning amount, you eliminate frustration via keeping your losses at a minimal level and you will be filled with joy if you see half of it increased.

Unless that option is available, you are encouraged to try this feature. But if not, it is better to keep all your winnings instead. Knowing when to quit or become less adventurous is tantamount to being a responsible player.

Just recently, one of 12BET Casino’s player won MYR  30,000 from Jacks or Better, hxxxxxxtxx wagered for only MYR 7.50 until he scored a royal flush. If the player opted to use such feature, bet half of his winnings, he could have gotten more MYR 45,000 or more. But a MYR 30,000 is not that bad either, considering that he collected huge sums from a very simple game.

casino game

There is nothing to be afraid of when using the gamble feature. It can be very lucrative. Yet, as mentioned, you must determine if it offers favorable options such as cashing out, for example.


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