Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2 Types of Live Blackjack That Give Birth to Millionaires

Live casino games such as blackjack may feature two (2) types of dealers. The emergence of such options opens more opportunities for the players to enjoy the game and fatten their bankroll in an instant.

However, members must know how they work or function to avoid misunderstandings and confusion.

Individualized live dealer blackjack
This feature greatly resembles that of blackjack played in land-based casinos. Therefore, the number of players that can join is usually limited to seven.

When the required number of players is met, other members are prevented to join the table. Instead, they are asked to wait until another player leaves. Take note that while it is true that this option allows 7 players, there are online casinos that will close the table whenever there are already 6 members that are ready to play.

It is also important to note that under this category, each and every participating player has their own hands to play with. They are also allowed to split, stand or make a hit before the next player makes his or her move.

Collective or public blackjack
This option also uses live games. However, instead of giving each player their own hand, what happens is that the dealer has three (3) hands used by all of the participating members. In this category, they only need to choose the hand, which they think, will guarantee a win.

Members have the options to wager for a single hand or if they are feeling lucky, they can go for the three hands. Meanwhile, when it comes to splitting and doubling, it is the dealer that performs the said move. In other words, the members’ only task in this particular  live game variant is to have guess the outcome. It is the dealer that performs the actual playing of the hands dealt.

Blackjack, aside from being the only casino game that can be beaten legally, is also filled with different options or variants. For players, it is best that they exploit the unique features of these variants and use it to their advantage.

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