Friday, October 11, 2013

Web-based Or Downloadable Casinos: The Great Debate

There are two (2) different online casino platforms known to players. These are the downloadable casinos and the web-based casinos. Each of them differs in how they address the players’ needs.

Depending on one’s personal preference, each platform has their set of advantage and disadvantages.

Downloadable casinos
This is the most popular type of online casino platform. Developed by renowned providers such as Playtech, this platform requires the players to download and install the program before they can access their favorite casino games.

Majority of online casino sites offer this platform since many players prefer it. One of its main advantages is the quality of the games shown. They are more vivid and animated. It also has a better audio system, which adds to the appeal of the casino game offered.

But downloadable casinos are not just platforms where members can play. It also speaks of the casino’s reputation. Only reputable sites can afford to secure the services of renowned providers.

Web-based casinos
More commonly known as no download casinos, these platforms allow members to play games in their browsers. They are no longer compelled to install a particular program or software. Due to its versatility, web-based casinos are fast gaining popularity. This innovation makes online casino gaming even more accessible. As long as the browser can support its features, one can immediately place their wagers and win.

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But web-based casinos have their own set of shortcomings too. Unlike the downloadable ones, the quality of the game presentation may suffer. The same thing is true for the sound byte. However, this does not necessarily mean that the platform is flawed. Rather, it has something to do with technological limitations.

It does not matter whether a player prefers a downloadable or web-based casino. What is more important is that members get the kind of enjoyment that they expect.


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