Friday, May 16, 2014

Unleash the Prediction Genius in You with Monkey Hi-Lo

Sometimes, online casino games are attractive because of their sheer simplicity. The 12Ruby Club’s Monkey Hi-Lo absolutely qualifies for this criterion. This game is very easy to play yet it does not fail to produce excitement. A guessing game, players only need to predict (and bet on) the outcome of the next card drawn from a given card sequence.  Each new game starts with ten cards randomly selected from a deck of 52 cards. The card with the lowest value is Ace while the highest is the King. Every correct guess is matched with a corresponding prize.

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Monkey Hi-Lo offers players to win bigger amounts by making a successive (and complete) ten-card correct prediction. Every correct guess automatically warrants the chance to advance to the next stage. A single wrong prediction will destroy the streak but players’ wins for their previous correct guesses would still be given. There are three basic bet types available for this game:
  • Higher than the previous card
  • Lower than the previous card
  • Same or equivalent number with the previous card
In addition to the cards’ numerical value, their colors and symbols can also be used as parts of the guesswork. Straight bets (direct bets on a card value, symbol, or color) are the basic bets but players can also wager on combination bets. These bets are a hybrid of a higher or lower value bet and a specific symbol bet. For example, if players think the next card to be drawn will be a Heart that is lower than the previous card, then they can click on both “Lo” and “Heart.” If either or both of the bets are incorrect, they lose. But if both bets are correct, they win. The possible win amount is automatically displayed on the game window.

Simple and easy, this 12BET game fits all types of players.


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