Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How Fan Tan Opens Massive Winning Possibilities

Fan Tan’s glorious days are back. The ancient casino game breathes a new life as it is incorporated in 12BET Casino’s roster of online casino products.

The game is simple and can be understood in one sitting. However, this does not mean that it lacks the challenge and excitement that many are looking for. What is even more important is that it delivers big prizes that will easily fill your bankroll.

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Game objective
Fan Tan’s main goal is to ensure that you predict the correct number of buttons that will remain. In simpler terms, it is a guessing game with a twist. Indeed, it lacks the complexities of other games. Yet, this simplicity is the reason why many players get hooked to this particular game.

How Fan Tan works
In Fan Tan, a pile of buttons shall be laid on the table. A bamboo stick will be used to remove four (4) buttons. Such process will continue until there are only four (4) buttons or less,  left.

You can bet on a single number, two (2) numbers or three (3) numbers.

A simple strategy
Fan Tan is like roulette. In order to generate bigger wins, members are encouraged to go for multiple betting.

In this manner, they can spread the risk and increase their possibility of winning, unless, it was really their unlucky day. With multiple betting, there is the probability that one of the bets will show up.

Such strategy is more practical than relying on a single bet and losing everything they have.

Exploit the benefits of Fan Tan today. Give it your best guess and win instantly!


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