Monday, July 28, 2014

How side games propagate a meaningful casino stint

In the online casino world, competition is sheerer than mountainside cliffs. Hence, innovations are a constant necessity. Service providers need to update their products, often changing their games’ graphic designs, jackpot sizes, and even the overall mechanics. One of the best ways that casinos are able to adapt to the evolving needs of punters is by offering them with ‘side games.’ These games are optional features bundled to the main game and offers additional prizes in exchange of a small, additional bet. The feature is common throughout the gaming world, but each online casino would normally offer unique side games that will make them stand out from the pool.

Side games sometimes offer much higher yields than the main games; in fact, they could be the main attraction for certain offerings. Features like “Doubling” could increase player’s win by up to two times, provided that they are able to satisfy all the winning criteria indicated in the mechanics.

Although they only require a small amount to serve as bet, side games play significant role in adding more fun and thrill to the gaming atmosphere. They can also serve as buffer to a losing streak as funds obtained from them, especially when accumulated on consecutive occasions, often match the player’s original bet—thus eliminating huge loses.

Most side games are available in card games such as poker and blackjack, although slots are also often chosen as venues for this type of this bonus feature. In most cases, a player can place a side bet for a fraction of the value of the bets placed in the main game. For example, where the minimum bets for blackjack is $5, the side game would be played only for $1.

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