Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Science Behind Using Multiple Decks Of Card Exposed

Using multiple decks of card is common in many online casino card games. This has been the norm, but really, why use more when a single deck will do?

Ensuring randomness
More than just a norm, using multiple decks of card guarantees the randomness of the game. It was not born out of plain tradition, contrary to what many believe. In many occasions, it has been proven that a single deck of card can immediately betray the game’s integrity. Frequent exposure enables players to memorize the whole deck and therefore, gain some advantage over their competitors.

Likewise, it is also safe to assume that a single deck of card easily lessens the house edge, which many casinos, including the online ones, will not allow. Take card counting, for example. This strategy exposed blackjack’s weakness and if such system has managed to get away with multiple decks of card, what else can you expect from a single deck? If this is the case, then this might signal the death of card games.

Moreover, using multiple decks of card also present certain advantages such as the following:

Equal winning opportunity
Multiple card decks give the players equal winning opportunities. This is most especially true for newbies, who do not get the same advantage as those of the veterans.

More exciting
A single card deck is predictable. It kills the challenge of the game since the outcome can be easily guessed.

Longer playing time
Since the results cannot be easily predicted, one can expect a longer playing time when using multiple card decks.

The use of many cards should not daunt you. As a matter of fact, you should see this as an advantage and use the chance to increase your winning possibilities.

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