Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Unraveling The Secret: The Truth Behind The 4 Suits Of Cards

Because playing cards have become so common and ordinary, many often disregard its historical values. While many spend their time in mastering card game techniques, only a few is eager enough to go out of the comforts of their land-based and online casinos to know the story behind every playing card that they use.

To be more specific, the number of player interested in knowing what lies behind every card suit is relatively small compared to those who want to master baccarat or blackjack, for example. Thus, in order for you to not forget or for you to become aware of how card suits depict a figment of our society, here is a quick look on how it all began.

The beginning
Historical accounts point to China as to where the first playing cards originated. It was created during the Tang Dynasty. However, it was during the Ming Dynasty that the use of playing cards spread through Egypt and Europe.

Technology played an important role in its production. In Europe, cards were initially made of wooden decks until new engraving techniques entered the picture. But technology is not the sole reason for the emergence of different card suits. Social events are also instrumental in the creation of the card suits present today.

Social symbolism
The four suit symbols: the spade, heart, club and diamond, are not just fancy whims of its creators. Instead, each of them has a corresponding social meaning:
·         The spade – Such symbol is said to represent the tip of a knight’s sword. Under this context, it readily symbolizes the nobility.
·         The heart – The heart is associated with the clergy. However, certain arguments said that it represents the love for God.
·         The diamonds – This reflects the merchant
·         The club – The club is said to be a manifestation of the peasantry.

Playing cards are not just mere paper used to have some fun. It is a representation of the social constructs observed and experienced in the early days.


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