Monday, December 22, 2014

Recommended Games for Online Casino Conservatives and Beginners

Although most games in online casinos are relatively simple, not all are ideal for casino newbies. Roulette and baccarat are very easy to play, but they can be quite intimidating especially for the inexperienced. With this, arcade games are a great alternative. They are played as simple as 1-2-3 yet they can offer the same degree of fun and profitability as the other more popular games.

The following are arcade games, available at 12BET Ruby Club, that will best serve the interests and appetites of greenhorns:

Monkey Hi-Lo. With a theme featuring the said primates, this game allows players to win substantial prizes by making a successive (and complete) ten-card correct prediction. Every correct guess automatically warrants the chance to advance to the next stage. A single wrong prediction will destroy the streak but players’ wins for their previous correct guesses would still be given.

Mahjong Hi-Lo. This game requires players to predict the outcome, value, or symbol of the tiles being drawn. Inspired by one of Asia’s most popular table games, Mahjong Hi Lo starts with 10 tiles drawn randomly from a pool of 108. The lowest value is one point while the highest is 10.

Keno Chinese. This game only requires players to accurately predict the Chinese Characters that will be randomly selected from a pool of 80. For each round, they can pick from one to ten characters. If they guess right, they win.

Keno Camera. This lottery-style game has a theme inspired by optical technology and photography, where lenses and films are used to draw, select, and highlight the winning numbers that players go after. As with any other Keno, it can be won why correctly guessing the numbers that will come out from every draw.

To learn more about e-games, wagering options, and the online casino industry in general, visit this blog by 12BET.


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