Friday, January 2, 2015

Master These Sic Bo Betting Options And Never Lose Again

Sic Bo is one of the most popular casino games offered in many casino sites, including 12BET. Despite the seemingly intimidating structure of its table layout and the high house edge, it pales in comparison with the excitement that it brings to players.

On a closer look, Sic Bo isn’t really that intimidating as long as you know your betting options. If you understand them well, you increase your winning chances. And mind you, Sic Bo is a very profitable casino game.

So here are Sic Bo betting options that you should take note of:

Big and small
Sic Bo’s objective is to predict the result of a three dice roll. If the total value of the roll is within the 11-to 17 range, this means that a big bet is won. However, if you predicted that the total value is within the 4 to 10 range, then you’re going for a small bet.

Odd and even
This type of bet is very elementary. You just have to guess whether the roll will yield an even or odd result.

When you say totals, you are making a more specific bet. Usually, these are the bets, which deliver a high payout.

Any triple
In this type of bet, you predict that a specific number will appear in one of the three dice.

This is similar to the any triple bet, except that for this one, you are going for 3 specific and identical numbers to appear in the three dice.

Under this bet, you’re wagering for 2 specific and identical numbers to appear on the dice.

Obviously, Sic Bo doesn’t need to be that intimidating. The moment that you get the hang of how the above-mentioned betting options work, then everything will be easy for you. 


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