Friday, January 16, 2015

Sweet Party Fails To Incorporate Candy Crush Excitement

There’s another one of a kind game, which lurks within Asia’s best online casino, 12BET. Known as Sweet Party, this slot machine can be described as a spin-off of the popular candy-themed game, Candy Crush. Thus, if you’re into a new casino adventure or experience, Sweet Party is a definite must try game.

The interface
The interface is very much similar to Candy Crush. The symbols, which are candies, by the way, are trapped in a vending machine and in order for you to clear them, you need to have matching symbols in the reel.

The symbols should be formed vertically or horizontally. The more symbols that you have, the higher is the payout that you get.

Because this game barely possess the mechanics of a slot game, for example, there are no paylines involved, many tend to categorize Sweet Party as an arcade game, instead of slots.

Bonus features
There are no bonus features present in this particular game. The only thing that gives you winning more winning opportunities is the progressive jackpot that is offered. The red and white striped candy and the amount of your bet determine the winning percentage that you’ll get from the progressive jackpot. For example, if you only bet a $1, you’ll only get 10% from the winning pool.

Hit or miss?
For a slot game, Sweet Party is a miss as it is stripped off of the excitement and profitability that most online slot machines offer. However, if this is categorized as an arcade game, then this game shows a great potential.


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