Friday, February 20, 2015

Web-based applications employed in online poker

Online poker seems like a direct Internet-based translation of the real-world version. While the game mechanics and almost every other basic aspect of the game is the same, the online version has far more complex facets. Of these, the technological aspects occupy the largest slice of the cake. The following are some of the online tools and applications that are employed in online poker to ensure the security, fairness, integrity, and quality of the game:

Timing Tell. This software enables players to access table heads-up displays and action timing randomizers.

Heads-up Displays. This set of data offers comprehensive stats on poker tables. They are very helpful to players who wish to play on several tables without the need to pay close attention on each one of them.

Hand converters. A type of “bulletin,” this tool is displayed on the players’ gaming screen and shows a record of hand history.  This was specifically formatted to be user-friendly, to offer high navigability, and be of good reference for online message boards. 

Tournament database. This software displays the results from online poker card room tournaments and rank them statistically for the benefit of the participants.

Odds Calculators. This app allows players to predict the possible outcome of their game through a simulated scenario. This allows them to determine their equity, whether “hot” or “cold.”

Poker is without a doubt one of the most played games in all of casino, whether online or on land. Regardless of their nature (live or virtual), they should provide players with the necessary instruments to make their experience more fun, easier, and more productive.

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