Friday, April 10, 2015

Bankroll progress: Why players must tap into Progressive games

Progressive jackpots are large casino prizes collected through small but widespread contributions from customers playing in the same network of games. It is most common in online slots but it can also be obtained from any other game.

Many online casino games offer enormous payouts, whether through multiplier bonuses, free spins, side games, or fixed jackpots. With progressive games, however, players’ bankroll can grow even bigger, so much bigger. Every time a punter fails to bag the jackpot, the amount will just continue to grow until somebody claims it. However, the amount never goes back to zero once it is won as casino games always have a minimum progressive jackpot that customers can always look forward to.

Some of the world’s (and history’s) biggest casino winners achieved their winnings through playing games that offer a progressive jackpot. Online, a player from Norway named Peter won the biggest ever progressive jackpot from Internet-based gaming. According to reports, his prize exceeded £11 million.

Progressives are often very huge. In fact, they are so big that it has become a standard practice for some online casino operators to only shoulder a portion of the amount (normally, half of it). The other piece of the pie is supplied by another entity, perhaps n online casino group or the software provider itself. In other cases, the progressive jackpots are entirely offered by the online casinos, especially the largest ones.

Bagging the progressive jackpot is not as easy it seems. It is far much easier to win smaller slot jackpots than it is to achieve the larger, undeniably more exciting progressives. The odds of being able to attain such jackpot are lower than for other slot games. However, it would be much more fulfilling to pick up prizes that came off as collateral for a risky move. For some players who believe that they have the acumen and luck for nailing a progressive game, investing in this type of venture would be worth it.

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