Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Marvel Roulette: A Must-Try Lucrative Game

Online roulette can be a bore at times. There are moments when making a spin becomes a routine that you no longer feel the excitement or look forward to the possible prizes that you can get.

But this boredom may not apply to the casino game, Marvel Roulette. No, this is not just your ordinary roulette game, which can only offer a different table layout or a different payout. Seriously, this roulette variant is nothing like you have experienced before. It offers not just one, but two of the most popular casino games on earth.

With Marvel Roulette, you get the chance to play roulette and slots at the same time. Certainly, its introduction is one of the “firsts” in the casino gaming community.

How to play the game
To play Marvel Roulette, you only need to place your bet on the roulette table. Just do what you normally do when you spin the wheel.

Should your bet come out, you win the prize. However, if the ball falls on the Marvel Bonus feature, you will be asked to play the slot machine. This is just a classic slot, but rest assured that it is a profitable one.

Other than the slot game, you also have the chance to participate in its progressive jackpot. In this game, you are not only eligible for one (1) progressive jackpot. You can actually participate in four (4) progressive jackpots and therefore, increase your possibility of winning bigger and juicier prizes.

Marvel Roulette is a combination of two (2) different games. And with this feature, there is no reason for you to go wrong when you play this game.


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