Thursday, January 16, 2014

4 Insane Blackjack Superstitions That You Probably Didn’t Know

A pool of superstitions always comes to life whenever a new year begins. Every now and then a different belief system propagates. Some fade like the passing of the wind, while others tend to last for quite a considerable amount of time. In blackjack, for example, certain beliefs and superstitions continue to permeate even in the era of online casinos.

Here are some of the widely known blackjack beliefs, which are still practiced and believed in modern days.
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The holy seat

It is believed that whoever takes the last seat to the left shall determine the outcome of the game. Since then, the seat is often reserved to blackjack experts or veterans. It became an automatic policy during blackjack sessions. While there are players, who refuse to believe such idea, they still follow for the fear of being blamed later on in the game.

The bad luck harbinger

Certain players are labeled as bad luck harbingers due to the losses they incurred. But this belief does not stop from just labeling other player. Those who were unfortunate enough to incur such stigma are avoided for the fear that they might spread the bad luck to others.

The tables

Similar to slots, some blackjack players describe a table as either “hot or cold.” Hot tables are the ones where players are believed to get the highest winning percentage, while the cold ones are the exact opposite.

Taking the early hit

For no scientific reasons,  many see this as a rude move. It is believed that the player making the hit tends to steal the cards that are initially meant for another player.

There is nothing wrong with believing in superstitions. However, if these affect the way you play and the way you interact with other players, then definitely, there is no point of observing them.


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