Friday, January 17, 2014

No Jackpot Prize, No Problem: What Players Can Win besides Jackpot

When players log into their online casino accounts, they only have one thing in mind -- that is how to boost their bankroll. The main objective of players is to be able to take home the primary jackpot. But what if they were not able to get it?
There are hundreds of ways to top up the players’ casino earnings even without bagging the biggest prize. Here are a few of them:
Online casinos like 12BET offer different kinds of bonuses for the players to enjoy and use for more opportunities.
  • Welcome or Sign-up Bonus – new members usually get welcome bonuses for them to have funds and be able to start playing.
  • Deposit Bonus – players who deposit money to their accounts get deposit bonuses. It is usually for a limited time only but some online casinos have deposit bonuses that are good for a longer period.
  • Referral Bonus – this is a win-win bonus. The players get their referral fee and the online casino owners get their new members. This bonus is pretty prevalent.
  • Loyalty Bonus – this is given to senior or long-time casino members. This is clearly one of the casino’s ways of showing their gratitude to their members.
  • Daily Cash Bonus – generous online casinos give players perks by just playing at their clubs.
  • Special Bonuses – these are specific rewards for particular games that are given to players depending upon the terms set by the online casino.
 Bonuses and Promos
The leading online casinos in Europe and in Asia never run out of different fun activities for their players. These include holiday promotions and other special promotions, depending on their specific offering.
There is not so much effort to exert these days on how to easily increase players’ bankroll, when everything they are looking for simply lies at these casino bonuses.
Sign up with 12BET today and take advantage of great bonuses!


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