Thursday, March 27, 2014

Turf King: How to ‘Horse-speed’ Your Bankroll’s Growth

This virtual game does boast of a genuinely lucrative payout; but more than this apparent benefit, Turf King can also immerse you in a vivid visual journey. The software offers high-quality animation of virtual horses that race for their respective finish lines.

virtual game
This game features two types of racing: “30 Seconds Racing” and “60 Seconds Racing.” If you are the type of bettor who loves a fast-paced and easy-flowing race, then go for the first one. If you wish to experience a more realistic scene of a high-energy competition, then the second one will serve you best.

Turf King is played with six horses per race, and each is randomly selected from a set of 12 (jockeys included). Standard Quinella is the only bet type offered in this game, where you just have to choose any of the first two horses that pass the finish line. As long as any two of the selections finish first and second, you are guaranteed of a win. For example, a $10 Quinella bet on 4-5 with odds of 100 would pay $1,000 if the first two finishers in a race were 4-5 or 5-4. 

A total of 15 odds appear on each race. These are:

1000 for 1             -               100 for 1               -               10 for 1
500 for 1               -               80 for 1                 -               8 for 1
250 for 1               -               60 for 1                 -               5 for 1
175 for 1                -               30 for 1                 -               4 for 1
125 for 1                -               20 for 1                 -               3 for 1

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