Wednesday, April 2, 2014

“Doubling” opportunities in 12Ruby Club’s 25-Line Jacks or Better

The 12Ruby Club version of 25-Line Jacks or Better is not just a breadbasket for a very good sum of cash but also a fun way to experience card-based online casino gaming in its best form. This game requires players to obtain a five-card poker hand that contains a winning combination. As its name suggests, it contains 25 lines of cards with each line representing a unique set or deck of cards. The best hands earn the highest winnings. If multiple wins are bagged in several lines, the earnings are summed up.

poker game
This five-card poker game, as with the standard variant, requires players to have at least one pair of Jacks in their hand. The hands are graded based on the pay table and players are given the option to discard up to five cards and only replace their cards once. In the winning hand, players can try to increase their winnings by participating in the “Doubling” round. The fun escalates here.

Doubling the winnings

“Doubling” is a side game available for players who have won a good hand or hands in the main game. They can decide to COLLECT and end the side game, or select ‘DOUBLE’ to wager all winnings in the side bet.  If they wish to use only half of the winning, they may click DOUBLE HALF.

The side game’s objective is to draw a card of higher value than the Dealer’s. In each Doubling bonus round, a new 52-card deck is used for every doubling instance. The Dealer will draw a face-up card and players are dealt 4 face-down cards to select from.

If the players’ chosen card is higher than the Dealer’s face-up card, then the player double his winnings; otherwise, they lose all their winnings. If the card drawn by players has the same value as Dealer's card, the game is tied, and players could decide to double again or to collect and end the double bonus round. 

Curious how this game really works? Play it now by registering an account with 12BET.


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