Friday, June 6, 2014

Finding Triumph in the ‘Flames of Olympics’

Scratching cards are best done when the graphics (or animations) offer tremendous excitement, fun, and thrill. Flames of Olympics, an online scratch game offered at the 12Ruby Club, qualifies for all the aforesaid criteria. As its name suggests, this game uses sports symbols in the scratch cards—each carrying a corresponding multiplier. Players win if they come up with three identical symbols regardless of their position in the gaming window.

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Flames of Olympics does not only showcase some of the world’s best-loved sporting events, but also offers multipliers that can easily produce payouts as massive as a grand slam championship in the real Games. Here, players can win up to 200 times their wager and earning victory is almost in the same merit as a national (or personal) honor.

The symbols with their corresponding multipliers are as follows:

·         Gold Medal – 200x
·         Silver Medal – 100x
·         Bronze Medal – 50x
·         Running – 30x
·         Swimming – 20x
·         Weightlifting – 10x
·         Gymnastics – 5x
·         Pole Jump – 3x
·         Discus – 1x

In this game, ‘scratching’ the cards can be done manually (one by one) or via the ‘Scratch All’ button, which reveals all the hidden symbols simultaneously. A change in the game window’s background is another key feature of this scratch game. Depending on players’ preference, they can choose between a soccer pitch, a swimming pool, or an indoor arena.

The ‘Auto Play’ function lets players select a number of rounds to be played consecutively and automatically. It can be stopped anytime through the ‘STOP’ sign (it will stop after the game result is revealed).
Be a sports hero the Scratch way! Play now at 12BET.


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