Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fish Prawn Crab: The Six Sides of Winning

Simple, easy, and accessible—Fish Prawn Crab is definitely a charming addition to 12Ruby Club’s slate of for-beginners online games. Chinese in origin but global in appeal, this game is best for neophyte players who wish to navigate the e-gaming world without the hassles of complicated instructions, confusing bonus requirements, and a potential mismanagement of their bankroll.

online dice game

Fish Prawn Crab is a dice game that uses three cubes with each comprising of six symbols (one for each side) namely Fish, Prawn, Crab, Rooster, Gourd, and Stag. A board with similar symbols is also used where players can place their bets. This is a guessing game, and players would need to predict which symbols will appear on every draw. They are given multiple betting options, which include:

Single Dice. Single Dice means betting on just one symbol, and it has to appear on at least one of the three dice. If the chosen symbol appears one time, bet pays one to one. If it appears twice, bet pays two to one, and if it appears on all three dice, bet pays three to one.

Forecast Combinations. Forecast Combinations is when the players bet on two different characters which must appear on at least two of the three dice. This bet pays five to one.

Forecast Combinations (Double Dice). This bet best serves its purpose when players pick two different icons and they appear on at least two of the three dice. If one of the icons is double, then the payout will be higher—six to one.

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