Thursday, August 7, 2014

Keno’s Hidden Thrill And Excitement

Keno is a lottery-inspired game, which also sells like hotcakes in both land-based and online casinos.

Like slots and video poker, its popularity can be attributed to its simplicity and huge payout. It does not need any strategy and even rookie players can immediately get the hang of it.

Keno is said to originate in France. Yet, some scholarly works assert that it came from China and until today, the origin of the said game has been a subject of various historical debates.

Playing keno is easy. A player simply need to pick several numbers and hope that it generates a match. The more number matches that a player has, the bigger is the prize that he or she brings home.

Now winning in keno is not the only thing that makes it interesting. Once you know some of hidden secrets, you will appreciate this game more.

Here are some of the game’s fun facts that will totally blow your mind:

It is believed that Keno was previously used to raise funds and build the famous Great Wall of China.

During the early days—when Keno has yet to experience the convenience brought by technology, markers would use the brush and ink method to copy the player’s ticket and transfer it to the game’s live ticket.

In a traditional keno game, the balls are mixed in the air and stored in a large glass bowl. This glass bowl is called rabbit ears.

Indeed, keno is not just your ordinary lottery-inspired game. Its rich history, coupled with the big prizes it generates, are two of the greatest reasons to keep on enjoying the game.


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