Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Iron Man 3 Scratch: Where Iron is ‘scratched’ and turned into Cash

The Marvel brand of online casino games encompasses two of the online casino industry’s most accessed games: slots and scratch cards. The ‘Iron Man 3 Scratch’ is part of this growing plethora of comics-based games and with this product, players can bag large prizes by simply ‘scratching’ the boxes that hide winning symbols.

Iron Man 3 Scratch is won by matching the prize symbol displayed next to the grid to any of the 6 symbols on the scratch card. If any symbol on the scratch card is identical to this prize symbol, then players win the jackpot. Depending upon their bet, they may win up to 10,000 times their wager. The superb-looking and well-updated images of everyone’s favorite avenger dominate the entire game window, which is one of the fundamental reasons why this scratch game is superior of its predecessors.

Iron Man 3 Scratch is kicked off by choosing a bet per card. This is done by clicking on the + and – buttons found near the Card Price field in the lower right corner of the game window. Then ‘Play’ button is then pressed to purchase the card.

The scratch card contains six boxes; scratching these areas reveals the symbol hidden behind them. Players may click Scratch All to reveal all six simultaneously. If their luck in superhero games transcends way beyond their capacity, then Iron Man 3 Scratch could do justice to their knack for nailing this type of game. If they scratch boxes with winning symbols, big prizes will follow shortly.

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