Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Achemist Spell Shares 243 Ways To Win, Up To 20 Free Spins And Win Multiplier

The Alchemist Spell really lives up to expectations. It is hard to be disappointed with a game that can literally generate tons of gold to your bankroll. Indeed, this is a one of a kind slot. Online casinos such as 12BET are more than eager to feature this game since it never fails to generate a great gaming experience.

The interface
In terms of the interface, this game is plain ordinary. You’ll see the usual tools that were used in alchemy. Flasks, filled with different concoctions of formula, which are assumed to produce gold or the elixir of life are shown. Along with this is a magic book, which contains the well-kept secrets of alchemy and royal symbols to remind you that you’re still playing a slot machine. There’s really nothing special in this game’s interface.

Bonus features
Despite of its design’s inability to impress, the Alchemist Spell offers spectacular bonus features. One of them is the 243 ways to win.

Under this feature, symbols are not strictly required to follow a payline in order to generate a winning combination. Here, adjacent symbols can already generate a win. Due to this, it is not impossible for you to win every now and then. With the Alchemist Spell, it is hard for you to go home empty-handed.

The game can also multiply your winnings for up to 5X. Compared to others, it has 3 wild symbols, which generate a specific win multiplier. The crystal symbol that is also featured in the game is also one thing to look forward to since it can give you up to 20 free spins.

Hit or miss?
Winning in slot machines is already easy. But Alchemist Spell made it even easier. Now, with regards to the question of whether it is a hit or a miss, it cannot be denied that this is indeed, a MAJOR HIT!


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