Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Up To 45 Free Spins Caught In Spider Man Slots’ Web

12BET’s Spider Man: Attack of the Green Goblin is another addition to the online casino’s extensive collection of slot machines. Filled with bonus features, it promises tons of winning opportunities that will surely increase your bankroll in a snap.

The interface
Spider Man boasts a modern and sophisticated interface. The symbols animate each time they trigger a winning combination. Likewise, the design brings back memories when Spider Man was just a budding and promising comic character.

Interface wise, this game will not bore you. The creators were successful in depicting the setting where Spider Man resides.

Bonus features
One of Spider Man’s edge over other slot games is its bonus features. It has different types of bonus rounds that will surely fatten one’s bankroll. Once this is triggered, you get the benefit of playing into any of the following bonus rounds:

·         Spider Man Radio Active
·         Spider Man Rivaling Free Games
·         Spider Man hot zone
·         Spider Man Ultimate feature

From these features, you can win up to 45 free spins and win multipliers.

Spider Man also offers a huge progressive jackpot to make your gaming experience more memorable and profitable.

Hit or miss?

Obviously, Spider Man is a sure fire hit. Considering the variety of bonus features that it offers, you’re a definite winner. However, it takes a while before you can form a winning combination. This is in stark contrast to other games where you could immediately see your bankroll building after a few spins. Nevertheless, despite this disappointment, it does not eclipse the game’s overall appeal. 


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